Attention Customers:

We regret to inform you that COVID-19 made a very big impact on our business and we are unable to keep our business open any longer. We will permanently close LA Skewers as of April 8th. We thank each and every one of our customers who have allowed us to be open as long as we were however, all good things must come to an end.

Again, our last day will be April 8th.


Minimum 10 people: $14.99 per person

Entrees (Pick 3)

  • Beef Kebab

  • Chicken Kebab

  • Salmon Kebab

  • Beef Luleh

  • Chicken Luleh

  • Rotisserie Chicken

  • Falafel*

+ Rice Pilaf & Greek Salad included with all entrees

Appetizers (Pick 2)

  • Taboule*

  • Hummus*

  • Potato Salad*

  • Yogurt Dip (Tzatziki)*


  • Fruit ($3 P. Person) – QTY

  • Pastries ($3 P. Person) – QTY

Contact Info

  • * Vegetarian
  • Please place order 24-48 hours in advance
  •  10% Service fee on all orders
  • Disposable Chafers available upon request for an additional fee

    Signature Plates & Combos

    All Plates are served with rice pilaf, fresh garden salad, soft pita bread, and hummus.

    Hot Sandwiches & Pita Wraps

    All sandwiches come with French fries and crisp pickled turnips.

    Rotisserie Chicken

    All Rotisserie Chicken Plates come with garlic spread, pita bread.

    A La Carte

    All a la carte orders come with pita bread.


    All a la carte orders come with pita bread.